Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Vacation is FUN

Vacation is fun. Can you imagine the feeling in knowing that you surpassed your annual goal for market returns and it's not even July yet? Can you imagine not having a care about what the market does today, tomorrow or the next day?

Let's face it. Investing has changed significantly since I was young. I hate to sound like the old, wise, sage fool. But I just turned 55 a few days ago and this has always been my retirement target date. Here I am. And what have I learned?

We can see that a generation's worth of wealth can be wiped out in a short period of time. The longer you sit in the market, the more risk you face. You've got to adapt to a new way of investing. Or at least consider it. The market is nothing more than a casino now. I've heard that there are more mutal funds in existance than there are actual stocks. what does this mean? It means that the markets are now nothing more than a game. Trillions of dollars flood into and out of asset classes on a whim or an article. You can easily find yourself down 10% in a day and no one thinks anything of it anymore.

Our regulators have plenty of tools at their disposal to manage the markets. I was once a regulator for six years so I have been there and understand that culture. How Bernie Madoff could have pulled off his scam for so long, despite compliants against him, wouldn't you think that some government officials also need to be hung out to dry? I believe that regulation is a joke. It's nothing more than an extra tax. Those who intend to rip you off will!


We've got our 12% market return in the bag already for the year. Do I need to work more? Do I need to stress day in day out over what Bernanke and Geitner and Obama are going to say? And then there are the lesser Fed officials who can move the market when the market is desperately looking to move. It's always a nightmare. IT's always stress. But you know what? IT's only money. If you want to be rich and play the game, go for it. i guarantee to you that it is no different than Las Vegas. The house will take your money every time. You have to know when to walk away.

I was surprised to get a number of e mails from people now that I have been on vacation. I will be on vacation for the next month as well, traveling to great places. And you know why? Because I got what I needed from the market and now it's time to enjoy the fruits of my labor. If you don't manage your financial situation with targeted objectives, you will live the whole year in stress, living through the emotional rollar coaster that the market provides.

The Market is Nothing More Than Your Piggy Bank

Know what you need to achieve for the year. Have a financial plan. Use conservative estimates, get it, get out, store away your year's gains and then have fun. We have excess profits and we are going to play some selected options plays for fun and excitement. We are going to dabble a little more in the futures come August when I return from vacation.

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