Wednesday, July 8, 2009

People Just Want to Lose Their Money

Hard to imagine that after nearly causing a global financial melt-down, John Meriwheter was able to raise another billion dollars and lose it. See link attached to title.

I do believe that people just want to be taken. Even when sound advice is available, I see many people trying to go it on their own in the big bad financial world and get taken by crafty sales people.

I just don't understand this world that I live in. Failure is really a success. How could it be otherwise when we see the CEOs and board members destroy one company, then get hired by another and earn millions and millions of dollars. There seems to be something very wrong with this picture as failure continues to be rewarded in a big way.

There is help available though in your financial affairs. People really need to hire an unbiased financial planner with absolutely no conflicts of interest to help manage their financial affairs. Without an impartial reviewer to provide you with all of the facts about a finanancial instrument, you may most likely make an important decision without having all of the facts. I see it happen every day.

Sales people who sell high commissioned, inappropriate products to clients should be punished. But they won't be. In this world, it's caveat emptor. If you don't find yourself an unbiased adviser to help you, I can almost guarantee that you are going to get taken and lose far more money than you would have paid for the unbiased advice that you need.

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