About Gary


Since 2011 Gary has been a Federal Project Officer for the Department of Labor overseeing job programs in a ten-state area.  As my federal career is winding down, I look forward to returning to the financial planning work, that which I have a real passion for.  


Gary has worked in the financial services industry since receiving his MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management in 1988. In addition to working in banking, investments, taxes, risk management and estate planning, Gary spent more than six years as a regulator with the Commodity Trading Commission. The work in a federal regulatory agency instilled in him a high degree of integrity and ethics that he has carried since.

Since 1999, Gary served as a fee-only financial planner, providing financial planning expertise to individuals of all economic levels, in all parts of the US as well as Mexico City. While recently serving as director of financial planning for a major insurance company and a major CPA/investment firm, Gary made sure that all financial plans produced, firm-wide, were in the clients’ best interests and not merely used as sales tools.

Gary has earned the Certified Financial Planner, CFP® and Chartered Financial Consultant, ChFC® designations. Each certification requires a high level of knowledge and experience, but also requires maintaining the highest ethical standards Gary has never violated any ethics rule nor been ever accused of such. He has always held the highest levels of integrity and client confidentiality.

Please note that these certifications are not current.  I do not hold myself out as an investment advisor or a financial planner any longer.  But maintain this language to provide a bit more background to my resume.