Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Now let's get back to work.  For those who have been paying attention to the market, it's been a long, drawn-out, flat market.  When President Barrack Obama met with Federal Reserve Chairman, Janet Yellen, some months ago, although no notes were taken ;-), it seemed pretty obvious that the message was 'don't rock the boat' until after the election.

The market called Trump's victory well before the electorate did.  Equity Markets plunged limit down when I tuned in, around 1:30 am Central Time.  Obviously, the market saw the impossible occurring.  Within the next hour, the verdict was in.

Futures have since eased up and the "black swan" effect that many predicted, should Trump win, has not yet occurred.  Precious metals continue to be up strong.

As reported months ago, there was no reason to be posting any further until after the election.

At long last, it is history.  It's back to work now with new analysis.  The Status Que is no more.  Will Trump take the Federal Reserve out of the game and let the markets trade freely?  Without back door play by the Central Banks to keep the markets propped up?

Good things to come if you are a trader.  Perhaps the markets will go through their cycles and they are meant to.

New update and outlook ahead this weekend.  Stay tuned.

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