Friday, July 30, 2010

Fed Policy is Killing Us

As the 10-year rates fall below 2.9% and the 2-year rate falls to around 0.5%, it's becoming obvious that the economy is not what is driving the bond market rally, it's the Fed creating still another BUBBLE!!!

When will they stop creating economic bubbles for the benefits of their cronies? While I have been in the Bearish Stock Market camp since 2005 and still expect a test of the lows, I have been encouraged by the corporate earnings that have been coming out in recent weeks. There is an underlying strength in the economy that can come out if we let it. Yet, interest rates continue to plummet. WHY?

It's becoming obvious, although I will check the data, that as the Fed continues to lend money to banks at nearly 0%, the prudent thing to do for them is, of course, buy the treasury market and it's guaranteed return. As long as the Fed continues to provide funds for free, why shouldn't we expect those, who can get free money, to go crazy buying everything in sight?

It's not going to change. While I think that the interest rates HAVE TO GO UP based on the amount of debt we have, the bond market keeps rallying, shaking out the shorts with dramatic moves.

The European crisis is over. I should have staked my dough in the Euro instead of screwing around with a manipulated US system. At first, it appeared that we were derivative trades of Europe. But with Europe doing fine (basis the Euro which is now 130+ versus the dollar), it appears that there is something VERY WRONG with the US stock market and bond market.

After the Flash Crash in May, I got ALL OF MY CLIENTS OUT of the stock market to as much extent as possible. In fact, I don't even want to advise on the stock market anymore as it is now nothing more than a casino with the billion dollar hedge funds, with their computer algorhythms moving the markets. There is no real investment here. It's all a game.

The interest rates, which one would believe was a true reflection of the economy, now also appear to be manipulated or really, out of the market's hand. It doesn't correlate with the economic reality. If it does, then WE ARE TRULY IN A DOUBLE DIP RECESSION and are headed for a depression.

I am really sad. As those who have followed me have noticed, I haven't been writing at all for the last few months. My despair continues and my faith in the US economy wanes. I am not a politician nor do I work for a government. This is where all the money is going.

I suppose that the long-term rates are going to go down very low. This effect WONT STOP UNTIL THE FED RAISES RATES. How sad that the Congress has given the Fed even more rights to screw up our economy. If you are not a banker or a politician, expect that the worst is still to come.

I'm going to start looking at markets away from the US. I just don't think that they are fair anymore. Perhaps no markets are. Unfortunately, the alternative is to start your own business. But you can only do this if you are cash-flushed or have some rich friends.

Good luck America.

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