Monday, August 24, 2009

CNBC's Cramer Says BUY on BA

As I mentioned yesterday, it appeared that there might have been heavy insider activity prior to BA's 787 Dreamliner delivery announcement. A friend has told me also that Forbes did a nice piece on BA. Finally, Cramer, who has a huge following on CNBC, said that BA is going to help lead the market higher.

Think I was saying this 8 or 10 points ago. Somehow, the late comers into the party make me uneasy. Even with the Cramer following in the game now, let's see if we can break above the neckline around the 53 level on the weekly basis. For extra protection, I'm adding to my long-term put position here but could get back in to the long side with any sell off.

Not that I think that BA is a bad play, on the contrary, I think that it is a great long-term move but the overall economy still spooks me and I want to make sure that I have a good balance to protect my downside.

While I can't deny the tremendous run in the markets, the fundamentals don't warrent price expansion. It's truly inflation as the world governments have pumped trillions of dollars into the system. Just as gold has been rising and everyone is fearful about a dollar collapse, stocks and oil have also risen. It is all created by the government and isn't real. It's inflation. Unfortunately, as our dollar gets trashed by the Fed's crazy 0% interest for banks, seniors are now being told that their Social Security checks will probably decrease in each of the next two years as there will be no Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA) in their social security benefits, however, prescription drug charges will be increased resulting in net decreases.

I still see food prices rise at a dizzying pace. My gasoline is more expensive, utility bills are set to skyrocket. I really pity those elderly on fixed budgets and those out of work. It's really going to get bad.

The stock market is oblivious to this though. Stocks are rising merely for dollar protection. No one is really winning in this. Investors are just keeping their heads above water in the world market.

As the realists have been saying, if and when the Fed does start pulling out the stimulus money, things are going to be as bad or worse than the credit crisis just passed. If such is true, I doubt that the Fed will ever pull the plug. The last crisis seems to be the direct result of rapidly rising interest rates just three years ago. Could they not predict how everyone would go bust with ratese suddenly rising from 1% to 5%? Any change in the status quo is surely going to collapse this house of cards.

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