Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Market Rebound WEAK!!!

For those who watch my blog in real time, I wanted to point out that it sure does look like a time to add to shorts. But only a few minutes later the markets are turning negative again.

This is an important juncture, the test of the trend line crossing. It really supports a new negative trend for stocks and I was going to suggest if you weren't positioning yourself for additional downside, you should quickly check with your financial adviser to learn what risk management tools he or she offers. If you get the same old line, "you are well diversified, be patient and stay the course," well you might again be about to face another market melt-down. How will you feel if your portfolio drops another 50%?

If you aren't sure about your adviser, I give a free consult. Just e mail me and we will get in touch. Or just read and follow my blog. It's all here for free for the taking!

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