Sunday, June 14, 2009

Is Boeing Topping Out?

Nice run from 30 to 52. Overhead resistance is strong. I'm buying Jan 10 45 puts.

Puts give me the right to sell the stock at 45. The puts are selling for aroun $4 now so really, I need to get down below 41 for a win.

It is one of many positions I hold in a diversified portfolio. While I remain overall "bearish" with the marke and the economy. I feel that some stocks will do well while others won't. Boeing is dependent on air travel as airline companies need to replace aged equipment with modern aircraft to increase efficiencies.

In the past, I loved Boeing as a long term space age play. But the "star trek" dream has failed to meet my expectations and with a new social world order, I doubt that space travel will be on the agenda for many years to come.

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