Monday, August 24, 2009

CNBC's Cramer says 'BUY THE DIPS'



Let's not forget that the market has rallied some 50% off of the lows. How long will it take you to get in? How much upside is left? Another 50%, 100%?

As some have pointed out, the stock market has been doing great, but for the average Joe on the street, people are still getting laid off daily. Yet, the perception that things are good because failing bank stock prices have skyrocketed, failed government entities such as AIG, Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac are soaring. Do you really believe that the crisis is really over? Are you really willing to buy after prices have soared 50%? Some even 1000%?

Please don't forget to look at reality. If you look at what has been happening in the shady world of bail out finances, banks with government backing have made some questionable decisions without even informing their shareholders. They are beholden to the government. They are controlled by the government. Can GE, the owner of CNBC be any different? GE also took bailout money and could be a government mouthpiece.

I don't know and I'm not saying that this is so, but I must tell you to be skeptical of any mouthpieces of government controlled organizations. The government has engineered this historical stock price runup. Changing the public's confidence is the key. As with any of these market crashes, had there been no news media mania, had things not been blown so much out of porportion, would we have had the disasterous crash that we have had?

And now look at the rebound. Was there really any danger at all? Or was it all engineered by bankers to line their pockets. Already we see that the banks are rushing out of the government bailouts so that they can get their multi-million dollar bonuses.

It's all a game. Get what you need from the market and get out! Don't be a hog. You will get slaughtered, I promise. The market volatility and risk is way too high to be involved if you don't need to. As I have been saying since June, I got 15% on the stock portfolio and got out. I've been playing with small positions for fun but do I regret that I didn't make more than 15% on my portfolios? No.

If you want to make gobs of money, be a politician, or an athlete or a banker or a salesman. Don't be so gullible to think that you will get rich from the market. Some do, no doubt, but really, now it's no different than Las Vegas. If you keep trying to make more, you are going to return home busted.

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