Monday, June 1, 2009

Trendsetter Pick Surges

Apparently Trendsetter wasn't the only reviewer liking Kohl's. Thomas Weisel Partners raised Kohl's to a market OVERWIGHT this morning sending the stock soaring nearly 10% on the day. Trendsetter affirmed its earlier March recommendation in our newsletter sent last night to subscribers.

Dollar Play Overdone??

Enough for me in any event. Stocks that we own such as OIL, DBA, UDN, TBT and others are sky high as the dollar play that we have been talking about for months becomes the in vogue play. While the move may not be over, profits on all of these issues are double-digit. I'm content.

S&P Sell

Also as recommended in the newsletter, I sold the S&P July 900 call at 56. The stock market is also crazy today. Too much money looking for a home. Going long on the 10 years as well.

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