Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bernie Walks

Bernie Walks, Shoe Thrower Gets 3 Yrs

Bernie Madoff, the former US equity exchange director, pleaded guilty to defrauding clients of more than $50 billion dollars. The judge, citing investor incompetence, dismissed the charges. Meanwhile, in Iraq, a journalist who threw a shoe at former US president George W. Bush, was sentenced to three years in prision.

While it’s not true that Bernie is free, he remains in “house arrest” in his $7 million penthouse while investors, charities and other organizations lose their money. Seems that people who have a deep conviction about their civil liberties get punished harder than those of destroy the lives of hundreds, thousands or millions due to capitalist fraud and deceit. And Bernie is not talking. He transferred billions to family, friends and businesses and there is no doubt that his heirs will live richly at the expense of others, whos lives are destroyed by his criminal activity.

Bernie is just one of these who have totally destroyed the integrity of the capitalist system. Until there is CAPITAL PUNISHMENT FOR CAPITAL CRIMES, there is no reason to support the capital system. Consider taking your money from investment accounts and transferring money to gold or other tangible assets that may have value in the future.

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